slide-3Business Analytics
Understand Your Data. Find Hidden Intelligence In It
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Customer Behavior
Know your customers better than ever, Anticipate your customer’s next move
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Predictive Analytics
Use data to inform decisions about the future
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Market Intelligence
Understand your marketplace... Analyze Customer’s feedback on Social Media
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Data Visualization
Seeing is knowing. Learn what your data has to tell you
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There Is No Devil In Your Data

Data drives everything … But Data by itself has no value … Derive insights from it … Learn what it has to tell you !

To fully benefit from the power of data, organizations need to make it easy for all users to get access to the right data, at the right time. Furthermore, advanced analytics deliver you a deeper data knowledge and granular data analysis. Indicators are not complete if we don’t include the insights delivered by analyzing external data from a marketplace, or unstructured data from the Internet.

DATA Management

Advanced Analytics

Data Discovery

Find Hidden Intelligence In Your Data

Data Warehousing

Collecting and assembling data from various operational systems (such as Marketing, Sales, ERP, etc..) in a central repository and providing users flexible access to the data. The Data Warehouse store current and historical data and are used for creating trending reports and also for advanced analytics for end users.
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Customer Segmentation

Know which customer groups are most likely to buy your products and services and why. Segment your customers and precisely target them with the right products and services, predict and prevent customer churn.
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Marketing Automation

Create, modify and manage your marketing campaigns. These campaigns can range from simple, single-channel campaigns to sophisticated, multichannel campaigns and from planned marketing campaigns to opportunistic communications that are aimed at a precisely defined audience. You can define targets segments, prioritize selection rules, select communication channels, schedule and execute campaigns and perform advanced analyses to predict and evaluate the success of your customer communications. This ability to improve marketing activities can lead to better return on marketing investment and a heathier bottom line.
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Social Media Analytics

From Social Media, the amount of information available that can be analyzed is … huge! Businesses can use the power of those external data to gain a better understanding of their markets and customer expectations.
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Fraud Prediction

Fraud prediction helps improve customer probability by predicting the likelihood that a given transaction or customer account is experiencing fraud. By analyzing transactions in real timer and generate recommendations for immediate action. Fraud Prediction can be designed to resolve credit and debit payment card fraud, property and casualty insurance fraud, ..
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We Are Trusted By

Our People Are Key To Success

Rawia Ben AttouchPresales

My first challenge in Biware was already my first interview when I was offered Presales position instead of a junior BI Consultant.

I accepted the challenge and I never thought that within my first career’s months, I will be so close to customers, understand their needs and propose appropriate solutions.Of course, I always had the support of my managers and they delegate every time more responsibilities to me.

It took me one year to win my first project and it was a fantastic and memorable feeling of success. Since that moment, I was more and more motivated to succeed new projects and give entire satisfaction to new customer’s needs.

It’s clear for me that my decision of accepting the challenge was definitely the right one 🙂

Lobna MezniOperations Director

When you believe that what you do as a job is more important than just turning a profit, you will be convinced that you are the right person in the right position.

That’s exactly what I reached when I joined BiWare Consulting as Senior BI Consultant after 7 years of experience and then promoted in just one year to the position of Operations Director. My managers were strongly believed in my skills and gave me more challenges and responsibilities.

Today, I am involved in almost all aspects of company operations at once, but my overall goal is to provide and support the most effective methods of operations.