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Successful business is about sustained performance, but without easy access to accurate management information, executives and senior managers are often working in the dark.
Our Data Management solutions are designed to provide valuable insight into your business for more informed decision making.
For many organizations, improved customer relationships are considered key to their continued success in building customer loyalty, managing churn, increasing lifetime value, protecting market share and driving profits.
Customer Intelligence is vital in understanding and targeting the right customers and our solutions are designed to help you analyze and examine your customer base.

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Business intelligence is key to implementing successful business strategies

It is easy to understand the value of Business Intelligence to corporate executives but, in fact, BI solutions can add value at every level of the organization. Consider the information and knowledge maintained in various organizational functions.

  • Know in depth all aspects of your business.
  • Integrate, govern and exploit your data for more effective decision-making.
  • Transforming the mass of heterogeneous data better decisions.
  • Procedures, approaches and tools for improving the quality of your data.
  • Automated process of quality assessment data (Data Quality Dashboards)


Customer intelligence is key to understanding and targeting the right customers

Depending on your business, its markets and corporate objectives, our Customer Intelligence solution can be customized to meet your company’s specific requirements.
Based on proven IT and business skills, these are some of the solutions available:

  • Customer Definition and Segmentation to analyze behavior and target specific groups
  • Profitability Analysis to explore the current and potential value of customers
  • Lifetime Value to identify the most valuable customers and determine the best ways to retain them
  • Customer Churn to predict which customers you might lose and plan strategies to retain them
  • Customer Scoring to determine potential customers and drive appropriate marketing activity
  • Trend Analyses to understand patterns in the business and predict future behavior
  • Web Analyses to analyze customer behavior through your web site and web-based sales channels
  • Campaign Analysis to track the outcome of campaigns and feed the insights gained back into the loop.


Understand your marketplace, Analyze Customer’s feedback on Social Media

The growth of data on the Internet and the information contained on them has given rise to the potential for new insight and intelligence development through the targeted collection and analysis of information.
Organizations need to understand and capitalize on the value of all information circulating on Internet for strategic decision making purposes.
There is a growing need for professional tools that can automatically detect and analyze relevant information among the ever increasing mountains of unstructured data that reside in every organizations online environment.
Even more, users express their feedback on products or services purchased on social media. This helps to understand the motivations of customers by analyzing their behavior on social networks.

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