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Our Clients Are keys to Success
Our Clients Are keys to Success
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Biware partners with ESGITECH

Back in pictures on the signing ceremony of the agreement on work-study training between ESGITECH and Biware. The meeting allowed both parties to revisit the concordance of visions and objectives on the concept of alternance training. This partnership is part of the Professional Master in Software Development and Information Systems. Candidates

Team Building (07-06-2022) with our guest of honor and coach Arnaud Collery

A throwback at 07 June 2022 – The whole team gathered for a Team Building resulting in an incredible day full of warm and fun moments. It was the perfect opportunity to integrate new members and allow them to get to know each other better and to also allow them to get to know

VEMOS – The new AI system for primary and secondary emotions recognition through facial expressions

VEMOS: an innovative technology capable of identifying primary and secondary emotions through facial expression recognition. VEMOS Biometric AI is an end-to-end project in Tunisia and by Tunisians demonstrating local capabilities as well as the potential of AI. But how did this initiative come about? The subject is the result of