Biware has initiated a series of events that goes by the name of #BeAwareTalks – where panelists exchange and share their ideas about current and future problematics related to not only businesses but also social and economical. This first edition was dedicated to the “Next generation management: Innovation & Digitization”.

Higher-ups from various backgrounds were taking part in the panels’ discussions and shared their unique experiences and learning outputs from their current or past positions. The panelists were grouped in duos with Ms. Mounira Bouzouita (Chairman at ARFORGHE and HR director at Asteelflash) & Ms. Amira Belaid (HR manager at Biware) intervening around “How is the modern manager defined”, M. Slim Ben Ammar (CEO at Sodexo Tunisia & Morocco) & M. Karim Bahi (Founder at Inceptio and change management Consultant) around “Digitization for enhanced management: Reality or Myth?” and M. Amine Boussarsar (Co-founder at Biware and Head of the Innovation Dept) as a moderator.

The event took place in startup village a dynamic and vibrant open space and ecosystem that gathers different parts of the entrepreneurial and economic (startups, mature companies, radio, etc.) Tunisian landscape to interact and bring forth value to each other.

Here’s a quick look at the different takeaways from each panelist:

Ms. Mounira Bouzouita: “Empathy is the key to success for the modern HR manager. Appreciating and caring for your collaborators is a non-negotiable best practice”

M. Slim Ben Ammar: “Strategize first! Digitization will only bring value if thought out carefully”

M. Karim Bahi: “Decentralization is one of the best case scenarios and promises that digitization holds for tomorrow, for it is in perfect harmony with present and future generations”

Ms. Amira Belaid: “Embracing leadership by inspiring and acting as such are necessary for managers of today”