Official signature with CDC Gestion and Zitouna Capital
Official signature with CDC Gestion and Zitouna Capital

We are pleased to announce the closing and success of our first fundraising valued at 3.5 Million Dinars from CDC Gestion and Zitouna Capital.

This fundraising symbolizes an important milestone for the company, which already has 11 years of existence on the African and European markets, allowing it to realize its strategic development plan (2021 – 2026) supported and financed by the EBRD, in partnership with PROQUAL. This plan concerns the commercial and operational development, as well as the software development dedicated to Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

On this occasion, the company organized a ceremony that took place on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at the Movenpick Les Berges du Lac hotel, Tunis, Tunisia, in the presence of Biware executives, its founders and associate directors, M. Mohamed Amine Boussarsar and M. Walid Kaâbachi,  and representatives of investors CDC Gestion  and  Zitouna Capital  chaired by their respective Managing Directors M. Tarak Triki and M. Mounir Fakhet.

Created in 2011, BIWARE is a technological SMB of about thirty engineers whose mission is to support companies in creating value from their data for strategic purposes, namely, increasing revenues, optimizing costs and reducing losses. We provide verticalized solutions with  SAS® and Microsoft technologies® to address business issues and assist customers in decision-making,such as customer knowledge and targeting, fraud detection and management, and demand forecasting.

Biware has a portfolio of about fifty customers (mainly large companies) in the finance, telecommunications, retail, service and energy sectors, present in African and European markets.

Our first customers were telecommunications operators, a sector in strong competition, where the detailed knowledge of the behavior of their customers is a strategic lever for marketing to capture, increase revenue and retain the customer. Africa’s financial and energy sectors followed suit from 2016 onwards.

Starting in 2018, we began investing heavily in the development of digital products and accelerators around the analytical core in verticalized areas, such as finance and human capital management, to meet the emerging needs of the small and medium-sized business market segment. We are convinced that to gain competitiveness companies must profoundly transform their organization by automating and gradually introducing artificial intelligence into their internal and external processes (customers, partners and suppliers).

Through this fundraising, Biware aims to reach the size of a hundred engineers and 3 African and European branches by 2025.

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