VEMOS: an innovative technology capable of identifying primary and secondary emotions through facial expression recognition. VEMOS Biometric AI is an end-to-end project in Tunisia and by Tunisians demonstrating local capabilities as well as the potential of AI.

But how did this initiative come about?

The subject is the result of the rapprochement of the Biware innovation center directed by  Amine Boussarsar and Walid Kaâbachi with the academic world, first, in collaboration with the ENI Carthage doctoral school by embarking in 2019 an AI thesis applied to digital recruitment with Nadia Jmour and Afef Abdelkrim. Then relying on a recognized expertise in the world of cognitive psychology, namely through, Slim Masmoudi.

Slim Masmoudi indicated, in particular, that there are many applications under study in the fields of digital employment and security.